ALTA Finance introduces Invest, bringing real estate offerings to Web3 wallets

LEHI, UT—Web3 real-estate investing platform ALTA Finance announced that it has introduced ALTA Invest.

“We are excited to release this Web3 investing platform publicly to the broader Web3 and real estate markets,” says Jeremy Crane, CEO, and Founder of ALTA Finance. “Our innovations in allowing customers to one-click Invest in Sponsored real estate Offerings using Web3 wallets is the next step toward the democratization of commercial real estate ownership.”

ALTA Finance Invest will be organized into Offerings, with each offering including stated timelines, minimum and maximum USDC raise goals, a fixed yield USDC return, relevant links and documents, and any potential risk factors.

All offerings will be organized by Sponsors. At launch, ALTA Finance will require Sponsors to preserve an interest reserve equal to the entire offering interest required for all investor interest redemptions over the Offering term. This reserve can be verified on-chain at any point during the Offering term.

These Offerings will exist on-chain as smart contracts, and the investors can redeem their interest weekly using their Web3 wallet. When an investor invests in an Offering via their Web3 wallet, we will issue an NFT back to the wallet representing the Offering and the amount invested for easy tracking. With our primary goal of democratizing access to real estate via Web3, we have integrated our Web3 KYC ALTA Verified, and ALTA Verified Accredited verifications for US investors….

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