Alberta finance minister to wear repeat budget day shoes

Every year ahead of the provincial budget being tabled, the finance minister chooses a new pair of shoes to wear on budget day. But this year, Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews is changing it up.

In a video released by the province Monday, Toews revealed that he will re-wear the shoes he chose for last year’s provincial budget. Last year, Toews wore a pair of cowboy boots that were purchased from the Alberta Boot Company in Calgary.

“They’ve served me well over the past year and I’ll be wearing them again this year,” Toews said in the video.

Minister of Finance Travis Toews purchases new boots at the Alberta Boot Company in Calgary for Budget 2021.

Courtesy, Paul Taillon/Office of the Premier

The finance minister goes on to say that Alberta budget 2022 “is a budget for you, for your future, for your kids’ future and for Alberta’s future.”

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“So let’s all put on our shoes and start moving forward.”

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