AC approves new certificate program in Banking and Finance

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Amarillo College Board of Regents approved a new Banking and Finance Certificate.

They are awaiting an approval of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the academic certificate will be offered at AC beginning next fall.

Four banks have partnered with the College, to help advise and shape the new program, and offering assurances for AC students who complete the certificate to be granted an interview at a bank with job openings.

”There are a lot of different roles in the banking industry, not only tellers and loan officers, but in areas like human resources and cybersecurity and accounting and marketing, and this certificate can be a launching pad for all that and more,” said Rashmi Pillai, Business Technology program coordinator for AC. ”Students who complete the certificate will not only be ready for entry-level positions, they will get a job interview if any of our partner banks have openings, and they can work part time if they choose to continue their education. We’re very excited about it.”

The Banking and Finance Certificate is comprised of five courses, and all 16 credit hours they entail can be applied toward an A.A.S. degree in Business Technology.

The courses are Word Processing, Financial Literacy, Advanced Spreadsheets, Principles of Bank Operations and Selling Bank/Financial Products and Services.

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