A turning point for the future of finance

The speakers were David LaValle, global head of ETFs at Grayscale and Andre Voinea, head of German-speaking regions at HANetf

Defining the future of finance, how this megatrend can be captured within listed securities and headwinds for the industry were the topics covered in ETF Stream’s recent webinar in partnership with Grayscale and HANetf.

The discussion, titled A turning point for the future of finance, started by looking at the post-Global Financial Crisis fintech boom and the size of opportunity this represents for investors. 

Taking a broad look at the field, David LaValle, global head of ETFs at Grayscale, said: “At the highest level, it is the cross-section of finance and technology and the disruptors that are going to disrupt the world of finance.”

Naturally, this involves not just looking at digital payments, digital assets or commission-free trading platforms in isolation but bringing several early-day themes together to build a future of finance cohort at the “bleeding edge”, LaValle said.

From an investment perspective, LaValle’s firm launched the Grayscale Future of Finance UCITS ETF (GFOF) in May, capturing what he described as financial foundations, tech solutions and digital asset infrastructure.

GFOF looks beyond just blockchain companies but excludes candidates that are not pure play in a future of finance subtheme. LaValle noted constituent…

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