A Conversation with Andrew Hoag and Marshall Cooper

One of the many benefits of the return of in-person events is that you never know what kind of conversations you might find yourself in. While attending the CFO Leadership Conference in May, the CFO team had the opportunity to talk with myriad finance executives to learn all measures of insight. But it was great fortune to be able to sit down with both Marshall Cooper, the CEO of the Chief Executive Group, and Andrew Hoag, CEO of Teampay.

Cooper and Hoag were featured in a fireside chat as a part of the conference’s session, and generously offered their time and further insights to continue a wide-ranging conversation. Their thoughts and responses will be broken into two parts. Today we offer part one. 

Andrew Hoag

CEO, Teampay

  • First CFO position: 1998
  • Notable previous companies:
    • President, Ferocia
    • Creator, Founder’s Nest
    • Founder, CEO, Urbantag
    • Founder/CTO, Zwaggle

marshall-cooper.jpgMarshall Cooper

CEO, Chief Executive Group

  • Notable previous companies:
    • Partner, Greenhaven Partners
    • Board member, AIPAC
    • Board member, Pyramid Research
    • President, Kennedy Information

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

ANDY BURT: Thank you for sitting down with CFO. Can you introduce yourselves, and share how did you two end up on the same stage during the CFO Leadership Conference?

ANDREW HOAG: I’m the founder and CEO of Teampay. We started Teampay about five and a half years ago. And Teampay is a solution for mid-market companies to get control and visibility…

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